Friday, September 30, 2016

Five on Friday!

Since I'm jumping back into this blogging game, I might as well end this first week full of posts with one of my favorite Link Ups!

Y'all. It's Fall. FINALLY. I wrote about my favorite things Monday. Basically, it's everything about this season.
This was from last year, we definitely don't have leaves yet.

Fall shows are back! Well, everything except Scandal. :( I wrote a recap of the ones I'm watching this year! Spoiler alert: I'm still loving Quantico and Big Bang Theory!
Harry Potter love. I am obsessed with HP in case you didn't know. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you do probably know this. But, it's been an amazing year to be a Potterhead: Cursed Child, e-books from Pottermore and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in November. I reread the books over the summer (for the bajillionth time) and it's fun that now it doesn't end at Deathly Hallows! I'm now rereading Cursed Child even though I finished it the day it came out... I have no shame.
Image result for harry potter cursed child

My husband and I will be celebrating 6 years together in a few days. That's craziness. It popped up on my Timehop this week that he was offering to help me study this time last year. (That's how I lured him in... mwahaha). Time flies when you're having fun with the best human ever.

My team at work and I have a new habit of walking two laps around the (very large) parking lot and taking the stairs up to our fourth floor office every afternoon. I have a love/hate relationship with it since it's still so hot but it's nice to get up and stretch my legs right as the afternoon slump hits and chat with my coworkers. I'm sure I'll like it more when it's not a sauna outside. Can we work on that, Charlotte? Thanks.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fall TV Binge

As I've mentioned already this week, I love Fall. I love all the things I mentioned Monday but one thing that makes me love Fall I didn't mention: TV shows! 
There are a few returning shows that I'm still watching and then a few new ones that I am already enjoying so I wanted to do a quick rundown of them since you still have plenty of time to catch up on Hulu and get into them for the season!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How to Rock Your First Spin Class

Recently, a friend of mine dragged me to a cycle class at Cycle South in Uptown Charlotte. I have one word: ouch. 

I'd like to walk you through my thoughts during that 45 minutes... In full disclosure, I don't do much cardio at all. Occasionally I'll take a Pure Barre Platform class or go on a hike. So, I do really need more cardio in my life and this was the first step for me. 

Okay, here we go. 

Hm. This bike seat isn't that comfortable. 

I wonder if it feels this uncomfortable the whole time. 

It's weird that my feet are buckled to the pedals... 

What if I fall off but my feet are still buckled in?

Oh, the instructor has so much energy. I'm scared. 

Why is he turning off the lights?

Well, I mean now I don't have to see myself in that giant mirror because this is going to be ugly. 

Okay, so this pedaling isn't that bad. 

Wait? I'm supposed to be on beat with this? This song has such a fast beat! 

So if this class is 45 minutes, that's like what? 10 songs? 12 songs? 

I can do that. 

Okay, standing. That's better on my tush. 

And still keep the beat while standing? How?

How is that girl moving so fast? How do her legs do that?

How are you lunging on a bike like that? I physically can't do that. 


He wants me to do pushups on this thing?

Whew! We're sitting down. 

Actually, my ass hurts so I think I'd rather stand. Can we stand?

No, seriously, can we stand?

NEVERMIND. I can't go this fast standing!!!

I think I'm going to pass out. 

Have I ever sweat this much in my life?

How is that instructor STILL full of so much energy.. he's been doing every exercise, running around AND singing Selena Gomez. 

Oh, finally. Two more songs. 

I can do this. 

He wants me to go all out for a whole song????

Never mind, I am going to die. Or faint. Or fall off this bike. 

Wait, no I got this. 

Don't have this. 

I don't remember Taylor Swift's songs being this long.

Is this an extended version?


Huh. That wasn't so bad. 

I really struggled walking the day after that class because my tush was so sore... But, somehow, my friend has convinced me to go again. 

Obviously, this was not a tutorial how to rock a spin class. My biggest advice is:
  • Prepare for your butt to hurt
  • Bring a water bottle or three
  • Bring a towel (this studio provided free ones so that was nice!) 
  • Stretch your legs afterwards!!
So there you have it: my experience in a spin class. Hopefully I didn't scare you away from it ;) 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Travel Tuesday: Charlottesvile, VA

Charlotte is in a great location. We are so close to so many big and fun cities (on top of being a fun city ourself!) It's so easy to have a quick weekend trip to places like DC, Nashville, Wilmington, Boone, Asheville, Savannah, Atlanta, and more. I'm going to do some posts on these cities that we've been to and plan some imaginary itineraries of where we want to go! 

First up, Charlottesville. 

I don't know if most people have heard of or thought of visiting Charlottesville (home of the University of Virginia) but it needs to be on your list ASAP! 

My best friend Kristin lives there and over the last two years I've been to visit a few times (and we have another trip planned in October so look for a follow up post)! In that time, I've really had time to pick out my favorite things to do there. 


Bluegrass Grill. So, this one is SO good and everyone knows it. There is almost always a wait so I suggest hitting it up early and take a nap if you need it later! Local tip: the list to put your name on is right inside the door on the wall to the left - there isn't a host/hostess. 

Jack Brown's. I wish I could explain how good these burgers are. It's a little hole in the wall down one of the side streets on the Mall (more on this in a sec) and there's a little patio that is awesome when the weather is nice! 

Shenandoah Joe's Coffee. Local and delicious. At the location I went to, you can watch them roasting the beans right there! 

The Flat Takeaway Creperie. GOD I CANNOT EVEN EXPLAIN THIS AMAZING PLACE. THERE ARE NO WORDS. This is a legitimate hole in the wall. Truly, just a window. You are going to walk up to a little window that is covered in vines and see two tiny benches and two tiny chairs and think I've lost my mind. Do. Not. Leave. Walk up to that tiny window and order yourself a sweet crepe. I suggest the Chocolate Delight, but there's no way you can go wrong. 

The Nook. This is an amazing brunch spot on Sunday before you head out. The biscuits and gravy are so amazing. 

The Whiskey Jar. I have only eaten here for brunch but Kristin has told me it's good for dinner, too! They have a nice little patio, too, which was glorious on the August afternoon I ate there! 

Bodo's Bagels. I don't know if I've had a better bagel. Again, locals know this and there's probably going to be a line. Accept this and love it. It will be worth it. 


Hike! Seriously, the views in Charlottesville are amazing. Take advantage of it! 

Brewery hop. There are some delicious breweries around town. You can't go wrong with any of them, but I really enjoyed PRN on my last visit. 

Go to a polo match. Sadly, we were rained out last time I was there, but this is so cool! There is a winery that has a polo match on Sundays! You can bring snacks and enjoy the wine and the views. 

Explore the downtown mall. Almost every restaurant I listed above is the on the Mall. But, there are so many shops and things to explore. 

Friday's After Five. If you get in town in time on a Friday, this is so fun! There are food and beer vendors and live music. Very family and dog friendly if you've got the kiddos in tow! 

Visit an apple orchard. This is on our list for October and I CANNOT WAIT! 

Hopefully this gave you an idea for your next weekend getaway! I hear Fall is fantastic so I can't wait to get up there in 3 weeks! 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Things I Love about Fall

Happy Fall, blogland! Oh and hello again. At least it's only been about a month since I last showed my face on this ole blog? But this time when I say I'm back I mean it.

I had every intention to post this on the official first day of Fall but Charlotte has been in a state of unrest since last Tuesday. I'm heartbroken by everything that has happened in my city. I fully support anyone's right to protest, but the violence was heartbreaking and uncalled for - especially when another life was lost as a result. The news definitely played up the violence and rioting on the first two nights but thankfully since Thursday, everything has been peaceful. I've always thought of Charlotte as a welcoming and opening city, but this week has definitely showed us that every city in this country has room to improve and grow. I hope Charlotte learns, grows and pushes forward to better the city together. 

I've been to two blog classes with Megan of Freckled Italian via Skill Pop (if you're local to Charlotte or Raleigh, check them out!) and I'm really feeling a renewed energy for the blog. I've started a content calendar and everything. I'm using Evernote to plan out post ideas, too. Maybe if I stick to this, I'll write about this later on! But, this means I've already got posts written and ready to go live for at least the next two weeks and ideas for even later!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Does anyone remember me saying I was going to recommit to this blog in 2016? Well, it's August and I haven't posted since January. So that went very well.

I still want to, though. I'm still reading blogs and very tuned in through social media, but I really miss sitting down, putting fingers to keyboard and jotting down some random thoughts. I have recently taken some steps to really get back over here, though, and I'm putting some plans and posts together so that  I can come back strong - not just sporadically posting (like I'm currently doing...).

But hey, while I'm here, why don't I give you a quick rundown of what life has looked like since January?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

What to Expect at the Barre

I've talked about Pure Barre a few times on the blog and shared my love of it a few weeks back. If you missed it, check it out here. Today, I want to walk you through what a class will look like and some of the crazy terms you might hear!

Every class is similar in that it follows the same basic format, but you'll be doing different exercises within each set. But, don't believe that just because it's the same general format, doesn't mean it gets any easier. Trust me, it doesn't.

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